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Laminated Solenoid Model 350
Laminated Solenoid Model 350
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 October, 2009.
Product description:
General Features:
• Standard Voltage: 110/220 AC.
• Frequency : 50/60 Hz.
• Dielectric Strength: 1500VCA - 1min.
• Double T plunger: permits the use of larger air gap between the plunger stem and frame legs. This results in virtually level pull characteristics throughout the useful plunger stroke. As the plunger decreases, the gap in the frame is bridged by an extra section on the Double T plunger. The bridging effect provides additional pull at about the two-thirds point in the plunger travel. This eliminates the power drop of ordinary T-type solenoids.
• Quiet operation: our laminated solenoids are provided with coil surfaces carefully machined and plunger contacts are finished to hold 50 cycle hum below audible level. Each solenoid is tested for quietness, under rated load conditions.
• Shading coils: copper loops situated on top of the “C” stack eliminate the buzz generated by the alternating current applied.
•The complete solenoid assembly is securely held together by a flat steel spring which also flexes to absorb impact shock.
Maximum Stroke: 30 mm.
Maximum Force in Continuous Duty: 5 kg.
Maximum Force in Intermitent Duty: 8 kg.
• Coil temperature: designed to a 65 ° C ambient temperature overheat when operated in recommended number of cycles and tension.

• In order to help you choose the proper solenoid for your job, it is important to know the required load, stroke length, ambient temperature, mounting and space limitation and specially its DUTY CYCLE .
• DUTY CYCLE: a solenoid can produce higher forces when it is ON for short periods or cycled infrequently. We offer our Solenoids Line in three “Duty Cycles”.
• Continuous Duty (F=1) – ON continuously.
• Intermittent Duty (F=1/2) – ON 50% of cycle.
• Pulse Duty (F=1/8) – ON 12.5% of each cycle.
• “F” designates the fraction of time each solenoid is ON during one cycle: F= ON TIME/ (ON TIME + OFF TIME) .

Parts information:
• Insulation Grade: Class F (155°C).
• Coils: made from 66 poliamid and precision wound on modern automated machines.
• Coil Quality Standards: Insulated Copper Wire, IEC 60317-20/ NEMA NW1000-79C.
• Plungers and field stacks are built up of laminations of special high-permeability steel, then heavily zinc-plated and dichromated for corrosion resistance.
• Quick connect terminals.

• Brake Elevators, Automatic machines, Industry transportation lines, Food and Medical Equipment, Textile and Packaging machinery, Automatic Door Closers and Escalators, Security Devices such as latches, locks, etc.
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