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Tubular Solenoid Model 910
Tubular Solenoid Model 910
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 April, 2009.
Product description:
General Features:
• Standard Voltage: 6/12/24 DC.
• Nominal Current (Continuous Duty at 12 VDC): 593 mA.
• Coil Power Output: 7.1 W (approx).
• Stroke: depends on duty cycle, see table apart.
• Extreme low noise levels.
• A snap-ring prevents the plunger from bottoming out and deforming any metal surfaces. A resilient, non magnetic shock absorbing disc under the snap-ring absorbs and dampens the impact at the end of each stroke. This further extends solenoid life, eliminates residual magnetism and minimizes noise.
• Total Weight: 145 gr.
• Operating the solenoid at nominal voltage and continuous duty, the coil will not burn out, if for any reason the plunger is stuck or removed from the solenoid.
• Coil temperature: designed to a 65 ° C ambient temperature overheat when operated in recommended number of cycles and tension.

• In order to help you choose the proper solenoid for your job, it is important to know the required load, stroke length, ambient temperature, mounting and space limitation and specially its DUTY CYCLE .
• DUTY CYCLE: a solenoid can produce higher forces when it is ON for short periods or cycled infrequently. We offer our Solenoids Line in three “Duty Cycles”.
• Continuous Duty (F=1) – ON continuously.
• Intermittent Duty (F=1/2) – ON 50% of cycle.
• Pulse Duty (F=1/8) – ON 12.5% of each cycle.
• “F” designates the fraction of time each solenoid is ON during one cycle: F= ON TIME/ (ON TIME + OFF TIME) .

Parts information:
• Insulation Grade: Class F (155°C).
• Coils: made from 66 poliamid and precision wound on modern automated machines.
• Coil Quality Standards: Insulated Copper Wire, IEC 60317-20/ NEMA NW1000-79C.
• Frame: formed of special high-permeability steel, then heavily zinc-plated and dichromated for corrosion resistance.
• Plunger: zinc-plated steel. Plunger weight: 40 gr.
• 150mm PVC Leads.

• Automatic machines, Turnstyles, ATMs, Food and Medical Equipment, Textile and Packaging machinery, Automatic Door Closers and Escalators, Security Devices such as latches, locks, etc.
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